Hello to our friends in the United States!

We are the children of the Agape Kids Choir. Our home is the Agape Children’s Village orphanage in Uganda. We like to think of you as not just friends but family. We have been told so much about you and we look forward to meeting you during our Agape Kids Choir Never Alone Tour 2017 when we come to tour America from March 6th-May 10th. What an exciting journey it will be for us!

When we begin a journey, it’s good to look back and see how far God has taken us. We also look with expectation to where God will be taking us in the future. Right now we want to tell you about our past so you can get to know us a little.

A few years ago, a few Musungus (our word for white people), came here for the very first time. We live in a very rural part of Uganda, not far from Kampala. Our village is not an easy place to travel to, but they have been coming to see us for many years. They have become our family because they care about us and work to make things better at the orphanage. They come at least twice a year all the way from California.

They love us and we love them. That’s how it is with friends that become family, right? They work and serve among us. They even play with us! We give them what we have, too, even though we have almost nothing, but we give them our hearts and they say that’s all they need. Their greatest gift to us is sharing the Gospel of Jesus, the most precious gift of all.

At the Agape Children’s Village orphanage, most things are very scarce but we can share our food with them. We have lots of beans and rice and Matoki (bananas), so we are able to bless them with our good, wholesome food.

We love to sing and dance, and last year, when our family came back from California, we shared our growing musical gifts from God. We danced and sang about Jesus as a special gift of love for them. There were 40-50 of us kids singing about the Glory of God!

They watched and listened to everything we did with joy and the Agape Kids Choir was born!  We are very excited about being a part of this special choir. We each have a testimony and we are eager to share our stories to others.

Some of us were given up for dead. Most of us have no parents. We were found thrown out like trash, never to be rescued. Some of us lived on the streets, some with relatives who didn’t want us and abused us.

But our stories are not sad ones because Jesus used Agape Children’s Village to save us. We were lost but now are found. Jesus has never once left us alone. We can’t wait to tell you all about it in person!

The process of getting ready to come to you is a difficult one but our leaders here and in California have been working hard to make our dream of visiting America come true. So many things have to be done: Lots of paperwork, trying to find relatives, visas, passports for twenty-two of us! It’s a lot of work but we trust that Jesus will make it all happen. We are a little nervous about traveling so far to a country that’s very different from our home but we have been told how kind Americans are.

Every single detail, no matter how small, is being prayed for every day, both here and in the US. We are seeking Jesus and reading the Bible every day as a group. We also practice almost every day. We rehearse not only our songs and dances, but also telling our stories. We know that our hard work will be worth it when we see you face to face!

We want tell you that just as God has done for us, He will never once leave you alone, either.  May God bless you. We can’t wait to meet you!

Please be praying for us until we meet.

The Children of the Agape Kids Choir
The Never Alone Tour 2017
Agape Children’s Village, Uganda