He is Faithful – April 21st


God has been so faithful to us while we are here in Uganda.  He has taken care of each and everything we have needed.  We even recently ran out of our anti-malaria medication and we were able to find a Pharmacy that carried it.   Thank you Jesus!

Currently, every choir kid is healthy.  Thank you for your prayers in this area.  There was a time that each of them was falling sick.  We are so grateful for your prayers

We celebrated Easter here with a church service on the ground in the Garden Sanctuary.  God provided enough funds to be able to have an Easter celebration for the kids.  We were able to have a feast together.

God keeps showing Himself faithful over and over again.

As you have probably already seen on our Facebook page, God provided a medical doctor to give each and every child a physical, to do blood panels for malaria, TB, and typhoid.  It was an amazing blessing and completely unexpected.  God is so good!


  1. Please be praying for these kids as they are patiently waiting for God’s answer;

  2. Pray for them as they are trying to balance the choir practices with keeping up with their schoolwork.

  3. Pray that the churches and venues will have understanding hearts in having to change dates due to the delays from the Embassy.

  4. Wisdom in the daily tasks and understanding what God’s will is for AKC.

  5. That we would be able to sponsor the children that we have registered into the ACCS program.