The Journey is Only Beginning

Small hands pressed together in prayer, they stand in matching shirts, their sweet faces intent on the moment. Black hair shaved or separated into tiny sections, each child stands straight and tall, joy etched onto their faces.

They are the Agape Kids Choir.

Not one of these beautiful children is older than twelve, yet they are preparing to fly across the entire African continent, Atlantic Ocean, and North American Continent. Birth certificates and passport documents have been obtained, and Yellow Fever Shots administered. They have persevered through long rehearsals, while continuing their education together.

For over six months, they have diligently rehearsed songs and dances, learning the precise notes and choreography.

They recently performed for the AICM 2nd Annual Women’s Conference and other various venues, which gave them an opportunity to perform in front of an audience, giving them a taste of what their life will be like for several months late this year and for part of 2020.

They have come so far, but the journey is only beginning! We ask that as you read this, you would be moved to pray for the children who are coming to America to share God’s love in unique, extraordinary ways. They are so excited to meet every single one of you, to share Christ in a way that few people have the opportunity and talent to share.

Check back here for more updates in the days to come!

God bless you,