Agape Kids Choir Update

Beyond our expectations, beyond our fears, beyond the impossibilities; God, in his faithfulness, brought the entire Agape Kids Choir to the U.S. for their Never Once Tour. We praise his name!

The flights from Uganda to the U.S. take many hours, but we knew that the longest journey was still to come once we reached our destination. There were many adjustments that had to be made – new sleep schedules, foods, people, and even the climate. But for the most part, every child is adjusting well!

They have been practicing for many hours a week, and their performance has visibly changed to a high-quality, energetic, and life-changing event. They sing with passion about the faithfulness of their God, and they sing from a place of a deep and real knowing of that very faithfulness.

As part of the tour experience, the members of the Agape Kids Choir have been able to experience some pretty neat things: going to AWANA on Wednesdays, spending time with sponsors, hosting a game night, having a pizza party, and even going to Disneyland. For as hard and as long as they have worked, they are getting to experience new things that allow them to see more of the U.S. and to create new relationships with the people who have supported them over the years as part of the church family.

We are living out a miracle!! So even though there are a few stomachaches, long days of practice, lots of work, tons of meals to prepare, and so many other logistics, we stand as grateful people who have tasted and seen God’s goodness.

This Sunday is our first out-of-town concert, and we ask for your continued prayers as we embark on this crazy adventure. God has brought us this far, and we know that as his goodness and grace are unbounded, we can look forward with expectation to what he is going to do in his kingdom with the Agape Kids Choir.

We thank you with grateful hearts for continuing to support this venture!