As we are waiting for the Lord to open our door for our tour to the states, He has been faithful to provide so many wonderful opportunities for the choir.  We just have to share one exciting one with you…

We were invited to participate in a competition.  The competition was called “Simplified”.   The participants were required to “simplify” a scriptural doctrine; such as, Incarnation, Trinity, Son of God, Adamic Sin, Sanctification, and Biblical Inspiration.  They had 8 minutes to give their presentation.

We had 4 of our ACV kids compete.  One of them chose to speak about the Trinity.   As part of his presentation, he had the Agape Kids Choir perform a dance demonstrating the trinity.  They all did an incredible job.  Out of all the kids that competed, our crew one first place.  The first place prize was a million shillings.  Yep!  We won.  It was an awesome day.