"The Lord Himself Will Fight For You; You Need Only Stand Still.”

The red roads of Uganda lead to many places, and the journey is always varied and always challenging. The obstacles and detours of Uganda are indicative also of this specific journey we have been on for well over a year: bringing the Agape Kid’s Choir to the US to share the gospel and raise awareness and support for the lives of many Ugandan children. We cannot begin to mitigate the challenges that God has seen us through already, and as we continue to walk forward, he has blessed us with an enormous amount of peace in His faithfulness and guidance.

We have been on the ground in Uganda for the last several days, and we anticipated that we would know almost immediately whether the visas had been granted approval on the Ugandan side. But we never received the confirmation for our appointment.

Unsure of the next step, we continued to pray. Thursday morning, the verse of the day was Exodus 14:14: The Lord himself will fight for you; you need only stand still.” Sandi wrote our prayer warriors and supporters, telling them of the development and encouragement.

Throughout that same day, there were an additional THREE confirmations of Exodus 14:14 from three different people.

We are still waiting. But we are beginning to see that we need to praise God BEFORE the victory. Whatever the outcome, God is at work, and God is fighting for us. We need only be still and wait for our King to come through for us. In the meantime, he is growing our faith and endurance.

Please continue to pray and praise God for his goodness. This is His dream, and He will fulfill it in His time and His way.

Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did you leave us on our own

You are faithful, God, you are faithful