Jesus fought for us.

Mama Sandi sat on the floor today, her laptop carefully balanced in her lap, her eyes glancing down often, waiting for an email from the embassy. Waiting. And waiting. And waiting. After many visits to the Embassy and a long battle, they had finally promised a time for an appointment tomorrow, and we were feeling discouraged that they would ever send it. EVER.

And guess what?


We erupted. Shouting. Clapping. Praising.

Jesus fought for us.

So we have a time, and tomorrow we are praying to get approved.

This morning during a choir meeting, Mama Sandi talked to us about running a marathon. She challenged the team to see these last few steps as right before the finish line. “What would happen if the runner saw the finish line and sat down to give up?”

It’s been a long process. These choir members have felt their hope fade before. We’ve prayed for a long time, and now with the finish line in view, we don’t want to lose our momentum and give up just before the victory. But we still have some impossibilities before us. Finding flights at Christmas time for almost 30 people is pretty ridiculous, but our faith has grown as we’ve watched God open every door and fight through every obstacle, and we believe that He will once again come through in every detail as we step forward in this grand adventure.

Please, please, please keep praying as we go tomorrow morning at 10 am to have interviews, and please pray for the flights and finances for the way home.

What a crazy adventure!! And what an amazing God we serve. It says in Isaiah that He waits that He may be gracious to us, and we have seen firsthand how incredibly gracious our sweet King is! He truly has never once left us on our own.

We are begging you to be praying tonight at 11pm.  Our appointment is at 10am on Wednesday morning; which will be your Tuesday evening at 11pm.

May God's will be done and may He grant us favor as we move in His name,
Sara Scott