The Lord is Fighting for Us

These words play over and over through our minds, and yet we are still searching for the tangible proof of this promise.

Getting the Agape Kids Choir to the states has been a long journey, and our endurance and faith has grown as we’ve had to put our entire trust in the Lord. There is literally nothing we can do. And that is a good place to be, because that way God is the one who has to come through, and God ultimately gets all the glory.

As we step away from the “facts” of the situation (i.e. we have a late date for the embassy, limited funds and time, etc.) we can see more clearly the only reason that this whole choir was created: for God’s glory.

We’ve been praying for a miracle and would like to ask you all to join us as we pray specifically that God would open up a door for us to either get the visas without an interview, or get a date for the interviews that is earlier.

At the moment, we have a date scheduled for the twentieth of December, but flight tickets are going up and we are anxious to be back in the states with the choir in due time for Christmas. The whole process has been rather difficult, as there has been changes in the system of the US Embassy here in Uganda. It has been literally impossible to get any real answers or cooperation from the embassy, which has obviously been discouraging.

But then we go back to the beginning. God is fighting for us. This is His dream, and we are His beloved children whom he loves with an everlasting and perfect love. His plans are so perfect and timely, even though we can’t see beyond our own human ideas and perceptions. He is good, He is faithful, and we can trust Him with all of our hearts.

Please keep praying! We know that God hears us and is going to do great things for His glory.